Frequently Asked Questions

Is a pipeline safe?2022-06-16T09:14:58+00:00

As careful and responsible operators of a transmission network in Belgium, Fetrapi members, including Pipelink, give absolute priority every day to the safety, reliability and integrity of their installations.
The same legal rules and obligations apply to all transporters using pipelines. The law imposes a minimum of safety and protection measures and carriers apply additional measures when circumstances require.
Pipelines are intrinsically much safer than other modes of transport. The number of accidents involving a pipeline is very small and stands in stark contrast to the number of traffic accidents.

More info: Fetrapi (in Dutch)

What to do when working near a pipeline?2022-04-26T09:35:57+00:00

Most incidents on transport pipelines occur as a result of damage caused by works by third parties in the vicinity. That is why anyone who wants to carry out work in the vicinity of transport pipelines is legally obliged to report this to the transport company in advance. In this way, all necessary information can be provided in good time and safety agreements can be made.

Works can be reported digitally via the following platforms:

More information about working near a pipeline can be found at www.fetrapi.be.

Who is responsible for the safe and undisturbed location of a pipeline?2021-11-17T10:37:05+00:00

The pipeline owner is responsible for the safe and undisturbed location of the pipeline.
To this end, the pipeline owner maintains an inspection and maintenance plan, as also mandated by federal pipeline legislation, which is part of a broader safety management system.

What if there is damage to a pipeline?2021-11-17T10:35:58+00:00

In case of damage, however minor, immediately stop the work and notify the transport company. Stand at least 50m from the damage.

In the event of serious damage, and certainly in the event of a leak, turn off all ignition sources (such as cars) and stand upwind at least 200m from the damage. The emergency services (112) and the transport company must then be notified.

Is Pipelink partner in ARRR?2021-11-04T09:47:25+00:00

Yes of course …

What’s the connection between Port of Antwerp-Bruges, North Sea Port and Pipelink?2024-01-04T11:34:46+00:00

Port of Antwerp-Bruges is 80% shareholder of Pipelink and North Sea Port 20%.